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With more specific information on the the project, we can assist with anything you need. For example: is the project Alluvial/Hard rock? Will you require a crushing or gravity circuit? What is the potential capacity of the processing plant that you may be looking for ?

Yes, we can find AU Crush/Mill/CIL plants (+/-50%) of that capacity. We can then estimate costs based on your needs.

Yes! We can help facilitate a high level capital cost for the dismantling / Transport and construction of the suitable processing plant.

We have contacts who can assist with this.

Supply the details of your unit and we can do the rest. We have over 4000 contacts to advertise your unit to. Our website can also assist with extending your advertising reach even further.

If the size and type is known, we can sources any available options!

We can source suitable processing plants to fast track your project and can also assist with scoping out the cost of the dismantling, relocation, refurbishment and construction of the processing plant for your project and can execute a turn key solution if required.

We can also handle recruitment of the operational team members and senior management for both Fixed and Mobile plants.

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At Mine4sale we want to be as helpful as possible with any and all of your mining and processing plant project inquiries. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ section…

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