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Summary Overview

Used Mobile Boom Stacker: – Location – Queensland, Australia.

The Boom Stacker was used as part of a Heap Leach Stacking System comprised of stationary agglomerating plant, multiple wheel-mounted “grasshopper” conveyor modules, track-mounted boom stacker, with steerable long-travel, slewing, luffing and shuttling motions.

Entire system was powered by boom-stacker’s on-board Diesel genset and controlled system via on board operator cab.

Boom stacker is semi-automated; travels and maneuvers on 6 each – excavatorstyle 600 mm wide x 6m centers crawler track units, each hydraulically powered by stacker’s hydraulic system.

The boom stacker is a mobile machine supported on six (6) crawler track assemblies. It is self powered, can long-travel, steer, slew, luff and extend its boom to stack crushed ore in a stockpile up to 50 m wide and approximately 10 m high. The machine normally operates under operator control from an on-board control cab.

Stacker slews up to 90 deg each side of center, and luffs to stack windrows with lifts of up to 10m high. It was designed to operate on crushed copper ore in a retreating “crescent” windrow-stacking mode, with heap leach pad approximately 50 m wide and about 10 m high. Boom maximum outreach, approx. 40 m from center line of slew deck to discharge point. (All dimensions approximate).

Power feed to entire system is supplied by 415 v 50 hz via on board 350 KVA Diesel Genset.

Brief History

The stacking system was commissioned at the Mt Cuthbert copper SX-EW plant facility approx. 180 km northeast of Mt Isa, Queensland in 2007, operating at about 1-1.2 million TPY of ore feed.

The facility was closed due to financial problems in 2008. The heap leach stacking system has not been operated since about 2011. According to the present owner, the equipment had only worked for around 15 months since commissioning.

The heap leach preparation and stacking system was purchased by present owner in 2018. It was dismantled and moved to Mt Isa for storage and later re-deployment in the 2nd half of 2018.

Scope of Supply

Heap Leach Boom Stacker:

The boom stacker consists of the following major components:

  • Main frame supporting structure incorporating luffing boom support pivot, mast for yard lighting, support for hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power unit, diesel generator set, power and control cabinets, operator control cab. Frame is supported at stacker feed end by an excavator-style slewing crawler track assembly, and at the discharge end by a fixed crawler track assembly.
  • Fixed long-travel crawler track assemblies One (1) set of two (2) x 600 mm wide x 3.9m centers, equipped with tracks integral hydraulic reducer sprocket drives, idlers androllers.
  • Slew able long-travel excavator-style crawler track assemblies One (1) set of two (2), 600 mm wide x 2.85 m centers, equipped with tracks, integral hydraulic reducer sprocket drives, idlers and rollers.
  • Slewing drive track assemblies One (1) set of two (2) hydraulically supported, angled 600 mm wide x 2.85m centers with supporting frames and hydraulic cylinders. Equipped with tracks, integral hydraulic reducer sprocket drives, idlers and rollers.
  • Stacker conveyor boom structure – Luffing box-section, approx. 31.5m long, incorporating 31 m long x 900 mm wide boom conveyor with 15 KW Drive, hydraulically-driven shuttling “stinger” conveyor 750 wide by 8.5m m long, operator control cab, walkways feed chute and liners, idlers, take-up head pulley, belt cleaners, walkways and handrails.
  • On board Main hydraulic power system with 75 kw motor, powering all cylinders, hydraulic track motors, and boom shuttle conveyor hydraulic motor on the stacker
  • Hydraulic cylinders 2 x boom luffing, 2 x slewing track lift, 2 x steering.
  • Shuttle chain drive system with gearmotor, sprockets layshaft and chain
  • On-board Diesel Generator set – Cummins- 350kVA (390kVA standby) . Voltage 50 hz 415v (also potentially 480 v 60 hz) . Provides power to all the heap leach stacking system.
  • Operator Control cab– air conditioned, enclosed Caterpillar control cab mounted on stacker boom, with functional control panel.
  • On-board MCC control panels and PLC. On machine containing all onboard controls PLC’s, MCC’s for boom conveyors, control/communication equipment, small light &power,
  • Yard flood lighting for 24-hour operation.
  • Field Devices: Quantity of field devices such as limit switches, encoders, lanyard switches, floodlights, walkway lighting, solenoid valves

Dismantling and Storage:

  • All of the equipment has been dismantled into road-transportable pieces and is now stored in Mt Isa, Queensland Australia.

Technical specifications drawings and manuals:

  • These have NOT been located.
  • Some sketches have been made of dismantled units as they are in the storage yard.
  • Equipment and electrical cables have been marked for reassemble.

Specific exclusions from Scope of Supply:

  • Upstream and downstream equipment
  • Further dismantling, packing for sea transport, containers, loading and transport to new site
  • Refurbishing
  • Installation and installation supervision.
  • First fill lubricants
  • Sundry electrical field devices such as some lighting, lanyard switches, cable and the like (not identified)

Price Basis: Ex Works (+GST if applicable) “as is where is” laydown yard, Mt
Isa, Queensland, Australia.

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